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Meet Espace Skins Montréal

Meet Espace Skins Montréal

Skins Montreal is a luxury destination offering a selection of the best products and accessories for skin and body care.

We treat all types of skin! From hyperpigmentation (melasma) to sensitive skin, acne prone skin and mature skin.

Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Now Offering Virtual Consultations

Now Offering Virtual Consultations

Ready to step up your skincare routine?
Together, we’ll figure out which products work best for you, as well as a personalized regimen for your skincare journey!

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Our ambassadors

"Always great happiness to have" Me time "at the clinic with the gang of girls! "

Thank you for your gentle care. Each treatment does me the greatest good.

Thank you SKINS for the perfect pre-wedding treatment. I am blessed to have you in my life.

My monthly visit is a must! I wouldn't do without it anymore.

Jean-Phillipe Dion
Valérie Roberts
Mylène St-Sauveur